When I stand on the Podium I am standing on many shoulders.  Without my sponsors I could not do what is needed to compete on the world cup level.  All of these sponsors, every one of them, are more than just company names they are my friends and friends of freestyle.  There are faces behind every one of these company names that have worked with me every step of the way to the 2009 World Freestyle Championship title.  I am proud to call them my friends as well as my sponsors.

• 180s LLC:  (Innovative Performance Wear) Over the past 7 years 180s has worked closely with me providing top equipment and apparel  for training and competitions. I have worked closely with 180’s providing them input for product development while 180s continues to support my quest for excellence in performance. Quantum Vent Gloves (thermal regulation for the hands) were introduced with my input into design and testing.
• Lang Boots:  Lang has been my ski boot of choice since I started competing in the world of skiing. From when I first started skiing competitively at the age of 7 to winning the 2009 World Freestyle Championship I have been in a Lang!
• Look Bindings. Look bindings go back three generations in my family. My dad skied the bumps on his looks in the 60's. Look continues to provide me with the latest in binding technology and safety. 
• Surefoot:   I spend over 200 days a year in ski boots.  I have been working with Surefoot for custom fitting of my boots for the past 5 years.  In 2007 Surefoot joined my team of sponsors that have been providing me with the top performance gear. I love my Surefoot custom fit liners!!!
• Hart Skis.  Hart has a long tradition in Patrick’s family as Hart also sponsored  to his father in the 60’s and was a supplier to the families local ski rental shop in the 70’s. I am now working with Hart in design and testing the new generation of Hart Mogul Skis. 
• Sturtevant’s Sports. Sturtevant’s has been my ski shop from my first steps on to skis at 11 months old to preparing my skis for this year’s 2009 European World Cup Tour. Sturtevant’s has always worked with him to insure that I have had the very best in equipment, fit and prepared properly, and ready to compete on.
• Shred Goggles.  I was lucky to be one of the first  freestyle skiers to use the Shred goggle. Designed initially as a goggle for Alpine racing Shred began to provide goggles for me in the summer of 2007.  Now Shred has introduced one of the best helmets produced for skiers which I will be wearing for the 2009/2010 ski season.

Mt. Hood Summer Ski Camps
Hart Skis and Snowboards
Shred Optics