My Statistics:

Hometown: Cle Elum, WA
Birthplace: Redmond, WA
Birthdate: 12/25/87
Height: 5-7 / 1.7
Weight: 175 / 79.38
Club: United States Freestyle Ski Team
Home Ski Area: Summit at Snoqualime
School: Home-schooled on the slopes of North America
Equipment: Hart Skis, Lang Boots, Look Bindings, Shred Gogles and Helmets, 180's Gloves, Poles, and Ear Warmers


I live most of my life in the snow and on my boards. I was raised in the Cascade Mountains which became by playground. My parents had me skiing before I was 1 year old (yea my dad was a bit focused and had me on skis at 11 months – thanks dad) . My mom, dad, sisters, and grandparents all lived in the mountains and skied so I had to learn to ski early to keep up with them. In the summer I ride my horse in the foot hills of the Cascades, jump on my tramp at my house, and sleep in the parking lot at Mt. Hood. I am on snow at least 60 days every summer.


First and last I am a skier. Powder, bumps, gates, park, and pipe, I love it all. I am a horseman. I love to ride my horse through the fields at a lope feeling the strength and agility of my horse Spud.  I am a younger brother with two older sisters - Desiree and Amy, a former junior national combined champion and a freestyle coach at Silver Mountain in Idaho.  I am my mother’s son. We work together raising quarter horses and border collies.  I get my horse sense and love for animals from my mom (she is a real horse whisperer).  I am my Dad’s son.  He taught me how to make my first turn on skis and he is still there watching every turn I make. A coach for my life.